History of sex

History came alive for me when I saw my ancestor’s name listed at Auschwitz. It struck me that history is about giving forgotten peoples a voice, so after an A* or 12 at GCSE and another few at A Level I went on to study history at Exeter. I specialised in the history of sex and sexuality partly because I’m nosy but predominantly because the most elusive stories are always the most intriguing.


I might be of the infamous gap yah generation but I’ve never been a backpacker. As a general rule I quite like my fresh foods served on crockery made of something other than paper and the benefit of a (stylishly decorated) roof over my head. A discerning traveller, I love nothing more than immersing myself in new cultures, meeting new people, discovering the history of new cities and stashing a few hotel miniatures in my suitcase.

Fitness and nutrition

Having once upon a time been a competitive swimmer, I’d still much rather spend Friday night lifting a heavily weighted bar above my head than have my head spinning at the local bar. If pressed I could probably tell you how many calories are in most vegetables, although this is of course balanced out by a healthy (?!) dose of baking (see below).

Musical theatre

I trained in musical theatre from the age of 10, performing at The Wycombe Swan in eight shows as well as appearing on a West End Stage. My teenage years in the theatre taught me a) that I’m at my happiest on a stage of some description, and b) how to laugh at myself. One cannot take oneself too seriously when put in a pink velvet catsuit by the costume department.

Hip hop dance

I’ve been a hip hop dance performer, teacher and choreographer since I was 17. By day I wear pretty tea dresses and heels, but by night I don baggy trackies, customised Nike trainers and a questionable dance face.


Much like audio, film production fascinates me. Ideally I’d quite like to be paid to lurk around on film sets and watch all the exciting goings on like some sort of live behind the scenes DVD feature, but as far as I’m aware that isn’t a legitimate job. Instead I’ll settle for spending hours quoting the Lord of the Rings script along with the film.


I find baking therapeutic. Some run bubble baths, others curl up with a good book, I combine as many different kinds of sugars, fats and elaborate decorations as possible to create delicious little delicacies that I can eat straight out of the mixing bowl feed my friends / family / colleagues / hairdresser with.


Disclaimer: I like animals more than humans. When I was little I wanted to be a vet, but then I realised this would mean seeing the animals I loved so much in pain and thus decided against the idea. Now I’m just a wildly embarrassing dog mum, posting far too many photos of my wolf pup Kylo on the internet.


I spent four years working as a wedding co-ordinator at an award winning wedding venue. I started working there to earn a bit of money during my university years but ended up staying far longer than I probably should have once I graduated just because I couldn’t bear the thought of not being a part of someone’s special day every weekend. I was (embarrassingly) known for being the one who would always cry during speeches even though I didn’t actually know the bride and groom, and now love sharing all the emotions and knowledge I’ve got stored up with readers of wedding magazines.