London's Air Ambulance

“Anouszka has been an absolute gem to work with. Passionate, kind, professional, insightful and an editor extraordinaire!”

Transmission Roundhouse

“Anouszka’s work on Project Pleasure smashes those rather British taboos surrounding sex, relationships and intimacy. She is currently making some of the most important and timely radio I’ve heard in ages and she makes it so blooming well.”


“Anouszka is the perfect producer: pro-active, passionate about our show, and with great attention to detail. I’m always immensely impressed by her good humour and unflappability in our fast moving world of live radio, and value her advice and skills. Plus she’s great company.”


“Anouszka has been a wonderful asset to have supporting our Breakfast team and goes above and beyond each week that she works with us. In her spare time she learnt how to tech-op at our studios and is frequently asked to drive the desk for our OBs, and has even been known to tech-op a breakfast show, go home for a quick kip and return to take care of drive time without a flicker of an eye.

Anouszka is fast working, has attention to detail and compliments these qualities with a wardrobe collection that I can only liken to that of Narnia. A different outfit every time I see her – it really is something else!

An organised, determined and outgoing young lady, she’s a pleasure to work with.”

Summit Radio

“Anouszka sets a high standard in the world of journalism, both in terms of her eloquent and apt writing style, as well as her witty and distinct presenting style.

When reading her work, the words spring off the page, while her voice carries flare when behind a microphone. Anouszka is able to engage with any topic, while always staying true to the Tate-angle and put her own spin on the issue. The best way of describing Anouszka, however, would be to compare her to her style graceful and sophisticated. She’s got the elegance of the pearls and the shine of the diamonds, but never loses the edgy red wedges or nails!”

Your Coffee Break

“Being the Founder and Editor at Your Coffee Break, I have worked closely with Anouszka. She has proved to be a valuable asset to the magazine and I saw her reliably go above and beyond her duties. Whether it’d be writing up fashion reviews, working closely with designers and celebrities to write up interview features or attending fashion shows during London Fashion Week – and even assisting as a model during photo shoots – she rose through the ranks and impressed myself and our clients, over and over again. I only have positive things to say about her.”

Your Coffee Break

“Anouszka is a pleasure to work with; she demonstrates flexibility, commitment and dedication. She is abundantly able to work independently and she exceeds expectations each and every time. Not to mention she’s one of the best writers I have worked with thus far.”


“I love it! It’s so well written – informative, down to earth humour and presents the brand in an elegant, highly professional light. Thank you very much!”

Dirty Work

“Wow! You’ve captured my brand’s voice better than I could have done!”