ITV This Morning

This Morning production runner & researcher

For the last 15 years setting extremely early alarms has had a lot to do with my excellent pre-sunrise productivity levels, but even more to do with the fact that I then don’t feel guilty about stopping work at 10.30 to watch This Morning. As a runner and researcher on the show I helped with everything from feature research and greeting guests, to location shoots and good old-fashioned heavy lifting.

CMG Global

Branded Heritage documentary narrator

I voiced the narration for a documentary about bringing fashion design and manufacturing back to the UK that was later selected for the London Fashion Film Festival. The team made the excellent decision to have me narrate Branded Heritage after a screen test in which I wrote and presented a probably far too in depth analysis of Game of Thrones.

Bettany Hughes

Bettany Hughes research intern

Interning for documentary presenter Bettany Hughes combined three of my favourite things: TV, history, and research. I’ve always admired Bettany both as an academic and a presenter, so
spending hours trawling through ancient texts for quotes that may or may not even exist was completely worth it.


ITV production intern

Interning as a researcher at ITV I predominately worked on 60 Minute Makeover, as well as running for the post-production and editing suites. I earned my savvy TV producer stripes by blagging a £600 TV for free – one of the most expensive items the show had ever obtained.

I still have the security lanyard from my first morning at ITV. To this day I wonder if my childlike sense of awe at its ostensibly magical ability to allow me to slip seamlessly in and out of locked doors had something to do with my choosing a career in the media.

...and as for the future

Given my curious nature, my ambition is to produce investigative documentaries with a lighthearted edge. Programmes that see me talking to real people, coaxing out their anecdotes and giving them a platform for their stories to be heard, whilst using my own creative, empathetic, or witty storytelling skills to produce an exciting narrative for television.

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