Anouszka Tate

I’m Anouszka: audio producer / print + online writer / general storyteller. I was inevitably always going to end up here. A quick scan through old home videos verifies my innate love for using language (and sometimes song and a variety of regional accents) to entertain, educate and enlighten.

It’s about communicating. It’s about discovering stories and, through audio, visuals or the written word, telling them in a way that makes people smile, laugh, cry, think, rethink.

Think we could work well together on an audio or wordy project? Get in touch!

…and if you still need convincing that I’m an excellent colleague, I’m multi-award winning too: Best New Voice – Audio Production Awards 2018 / Best Sex and Relationships podcast – British Podcast Awards 2019 / 30 Under 30 – Radio Academy 2019

Connect with me ...

T 07889 031411