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The Book of Man

The Book of Man sex columnist

The Book of Man does wonderful work exploring what masculinity, and being a man / father / employer / partner / decent human means in the 21st century. In my monthly column I encourage men to join the sex positive conversations being had elsewhere in society by sugar-coating some often difficult-to-swallow reality pills with my trademark dry wit.

Proof Content

Proof Content content writer

As a content writer I travelled the world from the comfort of my sofa, coming up with clever content for holiday brands including Hayes & Jarvis and Citalia. I’ve never been to Australia but I could tell you the most obscure facts about each and every territory now.


Fitt fitness and wellness writer

Come Friday night, you’re more likely to find me at barre than at the bar. I’m happier waking up the next day lifting weights above my head or at spin class than with a spinning head. As a writer for Fitt – the fitness and wellness world’s answer to Time Out – I combined business with pleasure, attending the latest fitness and foody openings before writing up sharp, snappy copy.

The Sun

The Sun showbiz reporter

As long as celebrities keep suffering embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions and breaking up with spouses, someone will need to write about it. The lightening-speed touch-typing skills I learnt as a child served me extremely well as a showbiz reporter, as I worked closely with the picture and video desks to produce as many shareable TV & entertainment stories as possible each day.

The Culture Trip

The Culture Trip travel writer

Bordeaux, Costa Navarino, and Shropshire; hotels, spas and my local – just a few of the places I’ve visited as part of my job as both an editorial and advertorial travel writer for The Culture Trip. As delightful as it is being plied with Prosecco and exploring hidden corners of a foreign city, for me the real joy is in exploring the colourful language I can use to make readers feel they were there with me once I’m back at home at my desk.


Candid film reviewer

Writing for Candid I was afforded the freedom to explore my personal voice a little more thanks to its penchant for longer length journalism and desire to promote its writers’ considered opinions. Popcorn at film screenings and canapés at press events meant I was always hungry for my next commission.

Your Coffee Break

Your Coffee Break features editor

My job as journalist and features editor at Your Coffee Break magazine taught me a lot, including the fact that I can stretch puns to within an inch of their life and that attending incredible events actually counts as work. But more importantly I also learnt how to create stories that both engross readers and satisfy clients, how to successfully use social media to establish and uphold brand reputation, and how to supervise other writers.

“Being the Founder and Editor at Your Coffee Break, I have worked closely with Anouszka. She has proved to be a valuable asset to the magazine and I saw her reliably go above and beyond her duties. Whether it’d be writing up fashion reviews, working closely with designers and celebrities to write up interview features or attending fashion shows during London Fashion Week – and even assisting as a model during photo shoots – she rose through the ranks and impressed myself and our clients, over and over again. I only have positive things to say about her.”

“Anouszka is a pleasure to work with; she demonstrates flexibility, commitment and dedication. She is abundantly able to work independently and she exceeds expectations each and every time. Not to mention she’s one of the best writers I have worked with thus far.”

“I love it! It’s so well written – informative, down to earth humour and presents the brand in an elegant, highly professional light. Thank you very much!”

“You’ve captured our voice better than we do!”

Somehow I became journalist / model for YCB magazine. It’s always fun and not at all awkward when you have to stop Mayfair’s traffic so you can have your photo taken with a £600 umbrella. True story.

Style & The Bride

Style & The Bride wedding journalist

Having spent four years working as a wedding co-ordinator at an award winning wedding venue throughout university – and crying at one too many speeches given by people I’d known for approximately three hours – I couldn’t bear the thought of not continuing to be a part of someone’s special day every weekend. So I started writing for Style & The Bride. My commissions allowed me to interview industry professionals and combine their advice with my own first hand knowledge.

Summit Radio

Summit Radio music & news journalist

As part of my job with Summit Radio I regularly wrote online music reviews and news features that had to be specifically tailored to the English ex-pat community in the Alps. Whilst for the most part music taste doesn’t generally change when one emigrates, I did have to think about what news would be relevant to mountain dwellers a little bit more carefully.

“Anouszka sets a high standard in the world of journalism, both in terms of her eloquent and apt writing style, as well as her witty and distinct presenting style. When reading her work, the words spring off the page, while her voice carries flare when behind a microphone. Anouszka is able to engage with any topic, while always staying true to the Tate-angle, putting her own spin on the issue.”

High school

High school newspaper founder & yearbook writer

Clearly believing there wasn’t already enough written work to do at school, I decided to help found a school newspaper and write for that as well. I was similarly insistent that the yearbook definitely needed a double page spread written by me.

...and as for the future

For me, writing is about creating entertaining and engaging stories from even the most ordinary of topics through sharp and imaginative use of language; if you think we could work well together, say hello here.